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Low pressure spring kit Low pressure spring kit $8.50
Crossfire 3K Plug Crossfire 3K Plug $3.75
Punishment Model 98 Punishment Model 98 $18.00
Fill Nipple Assembly Fill Nipple Assembly $7.99
Crossfire 7K Plug Crossfire 7K Plug $3.75
CF On/Off ASA Dovetail Mount CF On/Off ASA Dovetail Mount $8.00
Rebuild kit SS Rebuild kit SS $8.00

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Crossfire Inc specializes in custom paintball tanks for the basic to the extreme paintballer. 

CrossFire is the only company in paintball that manufacturers the compressed air or nitro tanks.  We are a fully certified DOT manufacturer as well as hydro tester.  We fully understand the use you put on your paintball tanks and also the neglect.  We will give you the best hydro test of any company you can find at the cheapest price.  Why test any where else than a company in paintball for paintball.  It is also easy for us to make custom paintball bottles/tanks.  Since we make paintball cylinders Crossfire can get you a fully custom bottle for your tournament paintball, woods ball or scenario paintball team in weeks instead of months.  From one to hundreds, we can do it because we are the manufacturer.

We are the oldest regulator manufacturer.  We among the first to make the fixed high pressure regulator and the pioneer of the first low pressure regulator.  Our valves have always been the fastest recharging regulators/valves in paintball.  Making your gun perform to the best of its ability.  CrossFire regulators have won more tournaments  than any other paintball valve on the market.



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CF4500PSISS CF4500PSISS $32.95


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