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Custom Paint

Crossfire is a composite cylinder manufacturer.  We do not buy our high pressure paintball tanks.  Every bottle is made right here in Kalamazoo, Michigan USA!!  Having this advantage we can make custom cylinders with custom labels and colors to make YOU LOOK GOOD.

We take pride in having the flexibility to make custom cylinders to represent your paintball tournament team, woodsball team, scenario paintball team, college or university paintball team, paintball store, custom branded bottles, custom paintball field rental bottles, military high pressure cylinders and even the individual that wants a single HPA tank.  We also do special bottles for events and prizes.  What better way to advertise your big game!?

If you've got the art, or photo we can put it into a label for you, your group, store or field.  This is really taking off for us and you should get on board for TEAM and GROUP DISCOUNTS.

Getting a Crossfire Custom bottle is easy.  Send us the art, we drop it into the label, you approve and we are off to putting it right onto the HPA bottle.  With in a few short weeks or less you and your team can have custom paintball cylinders with custom colors.

No other cylinder manufacturer can do this faster, as colorful or with the care that CrossFire can.  We are in paintball for paintball.  You are our #1 customer!

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