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We can re-qualify any 3AL, 3HT, 3AA as well as all of the fiber wrapped cylinders.

A lot of the older cylinders are both DOT (USA) and TC (Canada).  We qualify all dual stamped cylinders to both DOT and TC.  All other companies only give you a DOT recertification.  Why pay for half a hydro when your bottle needs them both????!!!

We are also qualified to do cylinder repair.  Don’t worry we have seen it all from paintball tanks,  firefighter cylinders to medical bottles and cylinders. 

We have the newest and best testing equipment “IN HOUSE” guaranteeing you the fastest and safest hydro test in paintball.  By using CrossFire you are dealing directly with a composite cylinder manufacturer with DOT personnel in the building.

****CrossFire hydro test does not have all the hidden fees.  When we say a hydro is $25.00 that is it.  Other companies get your bottle then charge individually for each additional service: reg removal = $, visual inspection = $, thread cleaning = $, hydro test = $ and putting your valve back on =$.  If your bottle fails the competition still charges you.  We will never charge you for a failed cylinder.  Crossfire WILL charge you for return freight.

In the event we snap your reg off in the bottle when taking it off, we are masters at saving the bottle.  After all we do more bottles and tests than any other company in paintball.  We are so confident that we offer a “WE GOT YOUR BACK” policy.  If we ruin your bottle we will give you one of the same year or newer at no additional charge over the cylinder testing fee.  TRUST YOUR HYDRO TO CROSSFIRE !!!!!

Can you afford to use anyone else?  We usually test on Thursdays.  If we get your bottle on Friday it will be tested the following Thursday.

Never send cash, checks or money orders.  We will not be responsible for lost or damaged packages.  A credit card keeps both of us safe and the process simple and enjoyable. J

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